Silver Medal at 2014 IFDS World Championships

With the RNSYS being our home training waters, we were keen to make use of the local knowledge in the racing. "Just another Wednesday night beer canrace." - we'd say.2014 IFDS Medalists

The club had done a great job modifying the grounds for accessibility. The organizing committee was prepared for one of the biggest events in the clubs history.

The scene was set, and the first two days had great racing. The Sonar course was furthest out and we had an awkward ocean swell to deal with. Our practice time in these conditions definitely helped our speed around the course.

After three days into the regatta, we were sitting in a surprisingly first place, which we were all pleased with, especially since we finished 10th place a year before.

The last day of racing, was less than impressive for our team, and we made a couple significant mistakes that we have used as learning lessons for the future. After the dust settled, we ended up in a close second with many teams just behind us. This was a great result for the big picture of preparing for RIO 2016. Thanks to all the volunteers in Halifax who helped make the regatta a success!