Springing back into training

Spring Halifax1 comThe team is back together in Halifax after a brief break in our respective homes. With warm weather and sunny days greeting us, we jumped right back into a busy schedule of boat work, sailing and cross training.

Spring Halifax2 comOur competition boat was in Lunenburg Boatworks for the first two weeks back, undergoing performance repairs from battle wounds accumulated over the winter season and slight tweaks for that go-fast magic. Our attention was focused on our second boat, Point of Sail, which was in need of some love after a long cold winter.
Most of our days comprised of a morning gym routine, followed by an hour or two of boat work and then a three hour session on the water. It feels good to be back on the water, sailing and training. Our next two regattas will be the Armdale Opener and the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Opener. Stay tuned!