2013 IFDS Worlds

ifds2013 downwind

 First off, the organizers and all the people of Kinsale must be commended for putting together a great event. 18 Sonars were on the water and the entire community embraced the regatta and sailors making for great week of racing.

The weather was slightly less cooperative on a couple of days with winds failing to fill in but the race committee got in 9 races making for a good series.

Regatta Day 2 (1st day of racing)

On the Sonar course, the 18 boat fleet got a good start shortly after noon in a northerly breeze. We abandoned half way up the first leg as the wind died. The breeze filled in from the south/southwest and racing was back on. The tidal flow at the mouth of the harbor and out along the headland where the race course was situated presented an elaborate puzzle. We struggled with an 11,7 and 14. Coming into the regatta, we had decided in the interest of our limited budget to forego having a coach at the event. With the wind and tidal variables in play, we were feeling the presence of a coach would have been helpful.

Regatta Day 4 (2nd day of racing)

Breeze was building to 15 knots for the beginning of the starting sequence at noon of the second day of racing. The wind continued building to 18 knots over the race and we were feeling alright with the setup of the boat. Seemed to be developing a better feel for the venue as the day progressed and after an 8 in the first race we were 3 and 8 again. We spent more time in the lead pack and felt we were sailing better after the disappointment of the first day.

Regatta Day 5 (3rd day of racing)

Started off as a grey day with a low ceiling and a drizzly sail out of the harbor for the final day of racing. The breeze was steady around 12 knots and the mist lifted allowing 3 races to be sailed. The first race saw us finish in 6 and again being well in the mix. With a 13 and 11 in the final races we wrapped it up feeling that we have lots of room for improvement and a few bright spots to remember.